YWCA Regina serves the community from Treaty 4 lands. Treaty 4 is home to the Saulteaux, Cree, Dakota, Lakota, and Nakota peoples, as well as the homeland of the Métis. We thank Indigenous people for being stewards of these lands. We acknowledge the strength and resilience of Indigenous women and recognize their ongoing leadership and community building.

YWCA Regina
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Easing Labour Pain

Easing Labour Pain

In partnership with Regina Doulas Angie and Karen we offer a two-hour class to help you have a better birth and feel more prepared for labour. The class features tips, tales, and practical stuff like massage techniques that work to reduce pain. Topics include comfort measures that really work, positions for labour and birth, what the labour partner can do to help, communicating effectively with each other and medical caregivers, strategies for avoiding unnecessary interventions and getting informed consent.

Prenatal in-a-Day

In partnership with Regina Doulas Angie and Karen we offer a one-day prenatal information class that provides you with the essentials of prenatal education. This class focuses on birth, prep and the immediate postpartum hours. Topics include signs of labour, stages of labour, and what to do (including when to go to the hospital), birth support, interventions, informed decision making, tips for a more comfortable and shorter labour. Natural and medical options for pain control are discussed, as well as routine procedures.

Babysitting 101

With the YWCA Mission and Values as a solid foundation, Babysitting 101 will provide youth (12 and over) with the skills to confidently care for children in a residential setting and develop a strong mentor relationship. This one-day course includes the activities and training needed to create confident, independent, and responsible babysitters. This course is for any youth wanting to learn how to be an effective babysitter and to develop skills that will help them build an impressive resume.  11-year-olds are able to take this course, depending on the maturity level of the student 

What to bring: 

  • water bottle, snack, lunch*

  • pen/pencil, paper

  • doll or teddy bear

*There will be a break for lunch for students between 12:30 - 1:00 pm if parents would like to take their children for a quick lunch at one of the downtown restaurant locations, otherwise students are encouraged to bring a bagged lunch.

Safe and Sound 101

With the YWCA Mission and Values as a solid foundation, Safe and Sound 101 will provide youth (10 and over) with the skills to confidently stay safe at home alone. You will leave this three-hour course with fire and emergency safety skills, housekeeping and cooking skills, and basic first aid.

What to bring: 

  • water bottle, snack

  • pen/pencil, paper

  • doll or teddy bear

Fight Back: Self-Defence for Women

This is a ten-week course that is about recognizing your strength and empowering you to exercise self-defence when it is the safest option available to you. We will look at being self-aware, establishing your safety zone (how close someone can get to you before you react), and creating a well-rounded safety plan to defend yourself with strategies and techniques that match the intention of your attacker.


We will practice staying calm and managing the feelings that may arise during a physical attack. We will explore striking, falling, rolling, ground fighting, throws and the use of weapons. Each session will begin with a talking circle and end with a debrief. 

Eric James is a self-defence instructor who began his career by practising Tai Chi Chuan in 1996. Traditional Chinese master, Sifu Peter Yu, taught Eric the complete Tai Chi Chuan system, including self-defence techniques. When Eric moved to Regina, he was given permission to open his own school, and he has been teaching in Regina since 2008. While he was more interested in martial and self-defence components when he first began teaching, over the years Eric has become increasingly fascinated by the health benefits of practising Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung and how it can be adapted to suit the needs of any individual.

Wednesday at 5:15 pm - 6:30 pm

September 18 - November 27, 2019

This is a ten-week program and we ask participants to join for the duration of the program rather than as a drop-in guest.

Community members please pay what you can. Suggested fee of $10 per class.

Register by calling the YWCA Regina at 306-525-2141.

Sew Supportive

Sew Supportive is a sewing group that teaches sewing basics. Led by experienced volunteers, participants will learn to sew a variety of items. Projects will vary from week to week. Previous projects have included ribbon skirts, medicine bags, and various articles of clothing.


Thursday 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

September 19 - December 19, 2019

YWCA Regina Activity Room

Cost is pay what you can. Suggested fee of $10 per class. No registration required, just drop in.

Access to sewing machines will be provided by YWCA Regina. Supplies may be available to participants dependent on individual projects.  More information is available at 


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